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A young Irish girl is seduced by a sorcerer king into the ancient world of mythic Ireland where she must choose between the virtues of druid wisdom and the temptations of dark magic.

Foreign Element

Set in Iraq during Operation Iraqi Freedom, a young United States Marine Corps Lieutenant and his Corporal must keep the peace in a small city in the Euphrates River Valley as Al Qaeda money pours in from abroad and violence erupts everywhere. (Co-written by former U.S. Marine and veteran of the current conflict in Iraq, Doug McGowan)


An adaptation of the classic Gothic horror novel illuminating exciting moments from the original text which are rarely portrayed in film.

Something for Nothing

After dealing with a lifetime of disappointment and regret, a single father in Harlem finds true love and turns his life around through acts of charity and altruism.


An All-State high school football player battles panic attacks during his senior year as he deals with the pressure of getting a scholarship to college and the trials of his broken home.


A security contractor uses his girlfriend at the state department to gather information about the Filipino terrorists he is fighting against. But when she is kidnapped for ransom he must reckon with his past and save her from beheading deep in the jungles of Mindanao. (Co-written by Doug McGowan)

Black Sheep and Wolves

A ten-year-old White boy and his Black best friend must face a savage bully who is terrorizing the neighborhood in inner city New York.


A drug dealing gangster tries to get out of the game when his crew goes to war. But after his sister is captured and held for ransom, the choice becomes a nightmare.

Fire and Iron

A Germanic nobleman battles prehistoric beasts and rival warlords to save a maiden he loves from a demon's curse.

A World of Darkness

Eighteen years after a nuclear holocaust, tribal bands must journey into subterranean New York and repair water turbines to generate electricity and rebuild society. But waiting for them beneath the earth are gargantuan, radioactive rats far fitter for survival.

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